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Where Many Self-Published Books Go Wrong

Many self-published books go wrong and are trashed because of poor editing. The content may be fantastic and a real page-turner but none of that will prevent most readers stopping to read your book if full of errors. Self-publishing is big business as witnessed by the giant Barnes & Noble chain now lifting its embargo on stocking self-pub books. I count myself lucky in finding my ‘back room team’ of beta readers, proofreaders and editors. They have all had a great impact on the final shape of my book. I’m grateful to them all. I have had to organize all that on a shoestring budget. I am (a) retired and (b ) not yet famous or rich enough to pay my editing team. And, almost… Read More

Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story – 30 Second Movie

Here is the 30 second ‘mini-movie’ book promo trailer for Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story. I hope you like it, and even more, I hope you buy my book 🙂 One of the tasks of a self-published indie author like me, is to not only write the book, but market it. Part of that involves seeking out advanced review copy (ARC) reviewers to give honest reviews of the book on Amazon and other places. Reviews are the life blood of authors. They can make or break sales of a book no matter how good a read it is. Please consider leaving a review of my book on Amazon after you have read it. Two of my ARC reviewers have given me feedback. These… Read More

Follow, Follow, Follow Me On Gumroad

You are able to now follow me on Gumroad – if that’s what tickles your fancy 🙂 Follow me there by submitting your email address in the box below. It could be worth your while. For example, my new book Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story will be made available both on Amazon Kindle and Gumroad. The beauty of Gumroad for both you, the customer, and me as a self-published author is that I can set discounts in Gumroad. I can’t do that in Kindle unless I sign an exclusivity deal with Amazon. I don’t want to do that as it restricts my book sales to the Amazon platform only. By following me on Gumroad you will be able to take advantage of offers… Read More

9/11 – Have a Gander At This Gander Story

9/11 was of course one of the worst tragedies in my lifetime. Like most people, I can recall where I was and what I was doing when the news first broke. This story headline intrigued me when I saw it. What has Gander, a small town in Newfoundland, got to do with 9/11? So, let’s have a gander at this Gander story – This incredible story is from a flight attendant on Delta Flight 15: On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, we were about 5 hours out of Frankfurt, flying over the North Atlantic. All of a sudden the curtains parted and I was told to go to the cockpit, immediately, to see the captain. As soon as I got there I noticed that… Read More

Gobsmacked: WordWednesdayFun

Gobsmacked is truly one of the great British words. Slight change of formula for this week’s post in the #WordWednesdayFun series. I am using Wordnik as the source*. This is what they say about this wonderful British word: Definitions from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License adj. Flabbergasted, astounded, speechless, overawed. from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved. adj. utterly astounded Etymologies As if smacked (“hit”) in the gob (“mouth (Irish / Scottish gaelic)”). (Wiktionary) Examples To say I was gobsmacked is something of an understatement. My Son In Books « Tales from the Reading Room I always liked the British slang “gobsmacked” — it sounds a little violent, but sometimes you do just feel smacked by whatever’s happening around you, you… Read More

Money Grows On Trees

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” is an expression I heard many times during my formative years. It is intended to send the message that reward comes through hard work and effort. This post combines many of my interests and/or my situation, namely: I write I am interested in self development I am a retiree who likes and needs to supplement a pension income I am an expat and a digital nomad I promote ethical affiliate links in order to supplement my income That introduction leads me to ask you to take a look at this book ‘Kindle Kash.’ As a writer who has had  a book published on Kindle it grabbed my attention. I have checked it out and the author and content is 100%… Read More

Bagels Bacolod, Hartford, London

Following my recent post about rainbow bagels ‘g’ wrote in with a comment. That comment was in response to the comment left by Danielle of The Thought Card blog. ‘g’ is a regular contributor to this blog both with comments and short stories. I thought it best to turn this last comment by ‘g’ into a post as it is worthy! In reply to Danielle Des. Hartford, Connecticut is where I first experienced bagels. I am not talking about New York Style bagels you buy in the supermarket. Or those ridiculous excuses for using the name bagel as in bagel chips. I was selling shoes in Hartford. My boss invited me to lunch at a deli known for its pastrami. While we waited for our… Read More

Does Your Sperm Make You a Father?

Yes, you read that right – does your sperm make you a father? Today, I found this blog post from a local Bacolod blogger. It contains the most powerful, moving letter from a daughter to her biological father. I refrain from making further comment as (a) it is a policy of mine to stay out of Philippines politics and (b) there are always two sides to a story. Yet, I feel compelled to share this young lady’s letter with you. It almost moved me to tears. An open letter to Congressman Greg Gelvosa Gasataya Bacolod City, Philippines Dear Congressman Gasataya, Hello! This is Gabie, your biological daughter whom you have neglected in the last 15 years or so. I thought I would let you know… Read More

Rainbow Bagels in Bacolod

Danielle Des of the Thought Card piqued my interest when I saw that she had crossed New York to buy rainbow bagels. She was telling me how much they cost – Ouch! Mucho $$$$$$ … Then I found out that a bagel store had opened right here in Bacolod selling rainbow bagels among many other yummy things. I took the family there earlier today to try them out. Good move! The rainbow bagels were delicious and so was the onion and chive cream cheese schmear (dip) that I chose to go with it.  One of the boys had soup. I had a spoonful and that was so tasty too. Not content with that, Zab offered me a portion of her cheese bagel. What can  I… Read More

Sixth Sense: A Work in Progress

My work in progress (WIP) is a debut novel. The provisional title is Sixth Sense. It is unsurprisingly based on my undercover days. In fact, the first few thousand words are based on a true incident while I was undercover. The incident described is taken from my memoir with a few things changed to suit the novel format. If you read my memoir, you will see that I write about an alternative theory about two of the real-life characters in my book. This novel is a fiction version of that alternative theory. The characters are fictional but based on real individuals, to a point. Then they develop  into creations of my own imagination, as do the plot and story line. I am having fun with… Read More

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