Forum now closed. Too many spammers!

Hello to all. Just to give forum members, both existing and prospective members, a ‘heads-up.’ The forum is now a private area. It can only be viewed by members.

Possibly this will encourage members to express themselves but in the privacy of the forum’s four walls? I am encouraged by the early days. We have had two Russian and one Polish member join up. And, an Aussie from Thailand but who is a Filipinophile! Welcome all!

Please introduce yourselves in the forum. It’s still a little spooky in there. I can only hear the echo of my own voice 🙂 Oh! Apart from Jacky. Thank you, Jacky.


A number of you seem to have had problems with lost passwords when registering/logging in to the forum. It’s the WordPress system that registers new users.

Tip: After you register by entering your own choice of Username and your email address, check your mail Inbox. Check the Spam folder too. If it’s in Spam then add the sender email address to your recognized sender list.

Then click the link to complete the registration process. This is when you have the option of entering your own choice of password.

WordPress will try to generate a ‘strong’ password for you. If you use that one then copy it and paste it somewhere safe. Otherwise, you can override that password by entering your own choice.

I hope that helps!

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