I Love Bacolod

I have now written three articles about traffic/driving problems here in Bacolod and posted in Facebook a number of times about those problems.

Hey I ♥ it here ! OK the traffic culture is different from the UK, the rest of Europe and the USA but it is Filipino!

E5BPRY Night shot of the famous Bacolod Ruins in Bacolod City Philippines

E5BPRY Night shot of the famous Bacolod Ruins in Bacolod City Philippines

But there are so many things to like and indeed love Bacolod for such as

  • the friendly people
  • the food
  • the restaurants
  • the weather
  • the beaches
  • the fun
  • smiling faces
  • the importance of family
  • the importance of faith
  • easy going lifestyle

Not forgetting the woman I love is a Filipina (I thought I had better add that to the list).

So I would not like anyone to gain the impression that I am some kind of “whining foreigner” Nothing could be further from the truth. I do indeed love Bacolod.

I write primarily for pleasure in my retirement. Well OK if it eventually helps to supplement my retirement income – then great. But I must write about matters I care about. If that gets up someone’s nose then so be it. I would never set out to be offensive in my writing as it is just not my style.

My writing is based on my observations. So if something strikes me as funny or full of irony then sure I am going to write about it.

Anyway I am always mindful that I am a guest in this wonderful country. And I thank you all for welcoming me in true Filipino fashion.

I look forward to writing more about the wonderful aspects of life here in Bacolod the ‘City of Smiles’! Once again – I love Bacolod!

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