Retiring to the Philippines has many advantages. That is particularly the case living in Bacolod, the City of Smiles. The Expat in Bacolod blog has now been in existence for almost one whole year. During that time I have been increasingly contacted by people with some kind of connection to Bacolod.

Bacolod Port

Bacolod Port

Some of those people have been expats already living in Bacolod or other parts of the Philippines. Some have been thinking of retiring to the Philippines and are thirsting for more information. Some of you are native Bacolodnons either living here or in some cases working overseas as an OFW.

The last two people to contact me are, I guess, as diverse as they come. One, a Texan who has lived in Bacolod for the past 6 years. The other, a Taiwanese shortly arriving in Bacolod to teach Mandarin Chinese. The latter was inquiring about the city in general. But in particular he was asking if there were any “expat haunts.” The former supplied me with a list of 3 bars that could be classified as “expat haunts.” Well, at the least they are visited by American or British expats!

It was those last two contacts that made me think of setting up a new forum to cater for both Bacolod Expats and Bacolodnons alike. I am not aware of a similar forum for Bacolod. There was a forum on the Retiring To The Philippines website but it folded after Gary McMurrain parted company with that site. In any event, it was aimed at the whole of the Philippines and wasn’t Bacolod-centric (just made up that word).

This new forum is not intended to be solely about retiring to the Philippines. It is planned to be a source of information about the City of Smiles. Hopefully, it will be a place where folks, foreigners and Filipinos, can swap information or tips. It will only thrive if it is supported by participation. The idea is to run it until the end of 2016. If it takes off, then it stays. If it’s not supported, then it disappears!

There will be few rules. Check out the sticky in the first post by me if you want to know what the rules are. Advertising and self-promotion are allowed as long as it is discreet. Above all else, the aim is to establish a thriving friendly community of people with an interest in retiring to the Philippines or simply something useful to say about life in Bacolod.

I stress that it is open to both foreigners and Filipinos. One rule that I didn’t add because I am an optimist – the language of the forum is English. Please no posts in Tagalog, Illongo or any other Philippines dialect. If you use a Filipino phrase or expression, please accompany it with a rough translation into English.

Otherwise you are free to post in Texan, Noo Joyzy, Geordie, Scouse, Strine or any other derivation of the Queen’s English 🙂




Sorry I have had to close the Forum. Too many spammers!

I have been contacted by a number of people about to relocate to Bacolod and many ask about an expats meet-up. The only one I am aware of is at Nature’s Village Resort, Talisay. It’s just north of the District Mall, Ayala on the way to Talisay from Bacolod.

They meet every first Saturday of the month and folks start arriving about 11 am. I hope that helps.