Stranded Foreign Tourists in Western Visayas

I reproduce this Facebook post about stranded foreign tourists in Western Visayas. It appears to cover the whole of the region and not only Iloilo City. I hope it helps.

I also suggest calling the Bureau of Immigration if your tourist visa is close to expiry. Only the Luzon BI offices are closed as of March 20, 2020.

Here is the Bureau of Immigration website.

The Department of Foreign Affairs also has an advisory on its website about visas and foreign nationals.

To all our foreign tourist stranded in Iloilo City, let us know your status through our FB page or through the Department of Tourism Regional Office.

DOT Western Visayas

Contact Nos. 033 3375411 | 033 3032705 | 033 3350245

Iloilo City Tourism Office

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  1. Anne Hogue-Boucher - March 22, 2020 @ 2:24 am

    Thank you for putting out facts and helping people!

    • Stephen Bentley - March 22, 2020 @ 10:45 am

      I felt it had to be done as so much misinformation out there, and also lack of information.

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