Smile – FavFotoFriday

Today’s #FavFotoFriday theme is smile.

Nothing warms the heart more than a friendly smile and a kind face. I hope you like my selection of smiles. They are all ‘creative commons’ I found on Flickr.

The decision to look beyond my own collection was partly brought on by a need to smile! It’s been a strange week. So I thought I would cheer myself up and hopefully you too 🙂

I don’t know about you but I for one will be glad when all these elections are over. I’m sick of politics and politicians. Let’s have some fun and smile our way through life!

Here they are and no preferences of mine are suggested by the running order –

smile 3


smile 4


smile 5


smile 6




smile 2


Lovely smiles each and every one! Having a camera has its perks – all of these photographers got to take photos of beautiful women 🙂

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