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Work in the Philippines: Teaching

Work in the Philippines: Teaching Want to work in the Philippines as an expat? You know the saying or at least one of its variations: “those who can, do … those who can’t, teach.” Sometimes in my life I have felt that true. At other times, I’m not so sure. It all depends on the person and the circumstances. Well, it’s my turn. I am going to be teaching this April and May, 2017. Who’d have thought it! Yes, that’s me. Although I have thought before about teaching, I have never done it. The last time I had any yearning to teach was before I embarked on my travels to Thailand. I inquired about Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to teach English in… Read More

New Monthly Newsletter – Does Crime Pay?

A new monthly newsletter will soon become operational. It will combine posts from both this blog and my author website. The idea is to keep things separated – Bacolod and Philippines posts on this blog with all author and book related posts on my author website. The new newsletter will include posts from both sites – you may simply pick and choose what interests you and read it. I anticipate the monthly newsletter will commence at the beginning of March 2017. While I am here, I will give you a taste of what I have been up to over on my author website. It’s been hectic as I have been participating in an annual event known as Mystery Thriller Week. I have been interviewing several… Read More

Recondite: Word Wednesday (Improve Your Word Power)

The meaning of recondite has been well-hidden from me for a long time. It’s not often I see a word and haven’t got a clue as to its meaning. I spotted recondite in a sentence a few days ago and just had to look it up. Back to Merriam- Webster for this week’s source: adjective re·con·dite \ˈre-kən-ˌdīt, ri-ˈkän-\ Popularity: Top 30% of words   Definition  1 : difficult or impossible for one of ordinary understanding or knowledge to comprehend : deep <a recondite subject> 2 : of, relating to, or dealing with something little known or obscure <recondite fact about the origin of the holiday — Floyd Dell> 3 : hidden from sight : concealed reconditely adverb reconditeness noun   Examples in a sentence <geochemistry… Read More

Numbskull: Word Wednesday (Improve Your Word Power)

Numbskull is an English word I don’t hear so often these days. I am using Stack Exchange for an explanation of its meaning as my usual source, Merriam-Webster, has a rather uninteresting entry. The forum exchange included these comments: If the OP wishes to express someone’s ignorance of math, I would suggest using a different expression. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to math. Alternatively, the noun numbskull is also very appropriate. a stupid person; dolt; blockhead I’m a numbskull when it comes to math. Source: The Free Dictionary Then there was this contribution from a Brit: I can’t think of a standard animal/object/phrase that would naturally fit the gap in I’m a ___ when it comes to math except for something dull like… Read More

Bacolod Recommended Eating – Vikings

Vikings has fast become one of the “must-go” eating places in Bacolod. People rave about it and it was about time I tried it out – what better time than Zabrina’s birthday so I treated the whole family to dinner there on a busy Friday evening. Let me cut to the chase – Vikings is a great experience but the quality of much of the food leaves a lot to be desired. It is really a wonder of marketing and whoever thought up the concept is a clever individual. Vikings is a concept in buffet style eating with a wide array of worldwide foods. Think TGIF but with imagination. It is an experience and once you enter it’s like walking into a cross between a… Read More

Bacolod Recommended Eating – Memory Lane By Esperanza

Memory Lane By Esperanza classes itself as a diner. I think it is more than that. It’s a quirky, “home-from-home” place with oodles of atmosphere, great service and welcoming hosts and staff. As you walk in, you can almost hear a silent shout of, “welcome, my friend – long time no see!” Confession time, Zabrina and I didn’t eat on this occasion but we will in future. The house specialty is wings and they looked fantastic! The basic wings will set you back Pesos 110 and they do three bumper feasts with the maxed-out  Pesos 745 ($15) version coming with 26 wings, much ribs, mac cheese, the obligatory rice and goodness knows what else and includes 1 liter of iced tea.   We didn’t eat… Read More

Expatriate: Word Wednesday

Expatriate is certainly appropriate as a choice for this week’s ‘Word Wednesday.’ Often shortened to ‘expat’ as in the name of this blog Expat in Bacolod. Let’s see what Merriam-Webster has to say: verb ex·pa·tri·ate \ek-ˈspā-trē-ˌāt\ Popularity: Top 30% of words Definition  expatriated; expatriating transitive verb 1 : banish, exile 2 : to withdraw (oneself) from residence in or allegiance to one’s native country intransitive verb : to leave one’s native country to live elsewhere; also : to renounce allegiance to one’s native country expatriate\ek-ˈspā-trē-ˌāt, -ət\ noun expatriation Examples in a sentence <members of the deposed dictator’s once-feared political party were expatriated as well> Origin and Etymology of expatriate Medieval Latin expatriatus, past participle of expatriare to leave one’s own country, from Latin ex- +… Read More

The Jomax Peak Experience

This post first appeared at ZabrinaSabrine.com – ZabrinaTheWanderlust, Philippines travel blogger. The Jomax Peak experience is one worth trying at least once. But be warned, you will want to return. What and Where is Jomax Peak? It’s a picnic resort set high, about 800 m high, in the mountains close to Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Island. Why Go There? The views and the fresh mountain air are scintillating! Forget a day at an expensive spa hotel, this is inexpensive and way, way healthier! The details and how to get there are to be found at the foot of this post. But please note this – they do not accept walk-ins. You must make an advance reservation. Apart from unlimited coffee, there is no catering either…. Read More

Bacolod #1 Tourist Attraction – The Ruins

What qualifies as the Bacolod #1 Tourist Attraction? It has to be the Ruins. Strictly speaking, it’s in Talisay but … It has taken me the best part of two years to finally visit and it was worthwhile. It is a superb destination and only a short distance from the city. Some know it as the “Taj Mahal” of Negros Island because of the sad love story that underpins the history of the grand building. It is a shell now, but a magnificent shell. It’s a shell owing to the fact it was burnt to the ground. During WW2, when the United States Armed Forces in the Far East came to the area, there were some rumors that the Japanese forces might use the mansion… Read More

Safety in the Philippines

Safety in the Philippines in general and drug-related killings in particular, have been world-wide news lately. Yes, it is a problem but it’s important not to over react. I lived in London for many years and shootings, mainly drug related and often black on black, were common currency and probably still are. Firearms are readily accessible here and so is shabu. Shabu is a form of methamphetamine and is highly addictive. President Duterte has sworn to eradicate the drug trade by use of some controversial methods. As a veteran of the so called “war on drugs,” I am no longer convinced that such a “war” is winnable and the world needs to try alternatives to the present system of prohibition.  I have written at some… Read More

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