Money Grows On Trees

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” is an expression I heard many times during my formative years. It is intended to send the message that reward comes through hard work and effort.

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Happy Saturday – Be Inspired

Happy Saturday to you all! Saturdays used to be the happiest day of the week for me as a young guy. Played football in the afternoon and had a few beers with my mates in the evening. Sometimes it involved watching Liverpool FC instead of playing. And, occasionally the enjoyment of a few beers was added to by an interest in a young lady 😉

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Why Self Development Articles Can Suck

This is the last in my series of self development articles. There are a number of reasons why I have decided to withdraw from writing about self-development. Firstly, I’m not at all sure my loyal readers want to read about it. Second, the articles attract no feedback whatsoever. Third, I have overstretched myself lately in terms of writing and blogging commitments. Something has to give.

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