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Happy 100th Birthday Auntie Hilda!

Not many of you will know my Aunt Hilda. She is 100 today, February 8, 2016. Wow! “Today” is one minute past eight in the morning in the Philippines and this post is scheduled to be published then. It will be one minute past the stroke of midnight in Accrington, Lancashire, England and timed to herald her 100th birthday. One of the special thrills about becoming a centenarian in the UK and the Commonwealth countries is the receipt of a personal message from HM Queen ElizabethⅡ. I hope she will be just as thrilled about my personalised box of Cadbury’s Milk Tray chocs I sent her –  Auntie Hilda, not the Queen 🙂 She is the only surviving sibling and is the eldest child of Billy and… Read More

Childhood Images: Accrington, Lancashire Part 2

Childhood Images: Accrington, Lancashire Part 2 The title of this piece deliberately includes the word “images.” Images conjure up wonderful memories for me of Accrington. Primarily those images are inside my head. I assist you the reader by showing some of them in celluloid or at least its digital equivalent. Since writing the first part I have asked myself this question – “why exactly do you have strikingly fond memories of your younger days there?” The best and most truthful answer I can give is that I found out who the real me is there. I was a quiet shy kid but was given metaphorical wings to enable me to fly by most of my close family in Accy. I include my saintly grandmother who I… Read More

Childhood Images: Accrington, Lancashire

Childhood Images: Accrington, Lancashire I was born in Accrington, Lancashire in 1947. My mother gave birth to me in the family home at 36, Newark Street. I say family home but it was my grandparents’ home Billy and Jane Cornwall (nee Southworth). My Mum had been raised in that street along with her siblings and had met my Dad through living in that street. Other family members also lived in Newark Street. At the time of my arrival into this world my Dad was working as a police officer in Liverpool having joined that force in 1946 following the end of WW2. When I was 12 months old Mum, Dad and me moved to a new council house in Huyton, Liverpool. I was raised there… Read More

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