Life After Death

The small frail old lady was sat in her usual comfortable pea green patterned armchair opposite the large picture window overlooking her pride and joy – her garden. She was wearing that same familiar friendly smile. I could tell she was pleased to see me and my sister. Then her smile froze. She simply said, “What’s wrong?”

• • •

Paul Robeson and My Father

My Father Loved Paul Robeson

He loved his deep bass-baritone voice and was a fan of anyone who had a really good singing voice. Fred Bentley loved to sing himself and often sang to our mother and to us kids.  I recall him singing many times “Don’t Fence Me In” and his ‘party pieces’ at weddings and family gatherings included “My Prayer’ as well as “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen”. The latter was aimed at Mum and he would look at her with love in his eyes every time he performed this song.

• • •