Bloviate is a word I must confess I had never heard of until a few days ago. I guess that is because it is American in origin and more likely to be used in American English rather than the correct form of British English 馃檪 It sounds rather jolly. So here we go with the usual format with the聽Merriam-Webster聽definition first followed by the Urban Dictionary. I wonder what lies in store for us with the latter entry? Bloviate verb blo路vi路ate \藞bl艒-v膿-藢膩t\ Popularity: Top 20% of words Definition blo路vi路at路ed blo路vi路at路ing intransitive verb : to speak or write verbosely and windily blo路vi路a路tion \藢bl艒-v膿-藞膩-sh蓹n\ noun Did You Know? Warren G. Harding is often linked to “bloviate,” but to him the word wasn’t insulting; it simply meant “to spend… Read More