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LSD – Operation Julie: Inside and Undercover

LSD? Read on … LSD was seized in massive quantities by the Operation Julie team of detectives in 1977. I was part of that team of detectives and I am making good progress on my book. Here is a draft of the first part of the new book – [Edit – although much of this content remains, the book has now been rewritten and chapters reorganised. For an updated version of the first chapter and the book synopsis click here. It will take you to my new website, Stephen Bentley – Author]. What was Operation Julie? Operation Julie was a UK police investigation into the production of LSD by two drug rings during the mid-1970’s. The operation, involving 11 police forces over a 2 ½-year period, resulted in the break-up of one… Read More

What is it like to work undercover?

Undercover Work? – What’s it Like? As an undercover veteran, I was intrigued by this question when I spotted it in a  Quora forum. I was even more intrigued by the first of the answers. That answer is reproduced in full below. It is written by  Tim Dees, a criminal justice technology writer and consultant. His Quora profile adds that he is a retired police officer and criminal justice college professor, now writing on applications of technology in law enforcement and corrections. Dees is therefore an academic now and a popular one at that! His answers on Quora have exceeded 500k in the past 30 days! He is a retired cop from Reno. A lot of what he says below is correct, but I do take issue with… Read More

My True Undercover Detective Book is One Step Closer

To Being Completed …… Three cheers and a huge hip hurrah for my sister! She arrived in the Philippines last week suitcase full of my important stuff I had left behind in England. The Holy Bible that Dad bought for us all when we were kids. It must have cost a fortune then back in the day and boy! It’s heavy! Five kilograms in weight! I love that Book, not just because of the Scriptures, but also because it is replete with prints of famous Rembrandts and Reubens paintings depicting Biblical scenes. As you are aware, from my newsletter, I have a “forthcoming book” in the pipeline. It is my story. A true story of a remarkable part of my life as an undercover detective… Read More

Christmas Eve: Criminals and Detectives Do Not Stop

Christmas Eve and I was on duty throughout the day. I was a Detective Sergeant in a town in Hampshire, England. Bob was a Detective Constable. We were the only detectives on duty that day working a 10 hour day minimum but on call out through the day and night. Some time that afternoon we were summoned to a house in the town. There had been a burglary, or home invasion as my American colleagues call it. The home owners had been out for a few hours completing their last minute gift shopping. On their return home they found every room ransacked. Items and belongings turned upside down. Naturally they were very upset. Several items of electrical goods had been taken. A TV set, hifi… Read More

Madeleine McCann detectives contact Australia over body find – NY Daily News

Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are working with police in Australia, where the remains of a girl were found. Source: Madeleine McCann detectives contact Australia over body find – NY Daily News This is an article by the NY Daily News. An unidentified body of a girl has been found in Australia. Note the word unidentified. Now how can any newspaper run a story linking it to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007? How must the parents of Madeleine feel? I suspect that they are used to this garbage reporting but it must still hurt. Disgusting! My blog is primarily to write about my expat life here. However in light of my past work experience, I must from time to… Read More

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