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Dumaguete Road Trip, Philippines

Zabrina and I recently took a road trip to Dumaguete in Negros Oriental, Philippines. I have previously written a lot about my driving experiences here. I was even inspired to write a book about those experiences,  How To Drive Like An Idiot In Bacolod. The book is available on Amazon for those of you who are fans of Kindle. It is available for download here in both PDF and ePub formats – [purchase_link id=”2499″ style=”button” color=”green” text=”PDF version” direct=”true”]   [purchase_link id=”2517″ style=”button” color=”red” text=”ePub version” direct=”true”] Please see the foot of this post to read the latest review of the book on Amazon. We enjoyed Dumaguete enormously. It reminds me of certain seaside towns in England with its boulevard. The ornate street lights all… Read More

How to Create an Amazon Author Page

Amazon Author Page An Amazon Author Page believe it or not is for authors of books that are listed on Amazon 🙂 I’m celebrating because my first book How To Drive Like An idiot In Bacolod is now available on Amazon Kindle for $4.99. Yay! Yay! 🙂 I am sure you will all buy it. Click below and it will take you to my book on Amazon where you can purchase it. Here is a closer look at the book cover – And here is a link to my Page. I would ask that you please leave a review of the book in the event you do buy it. Reviews are vitally important in the world of publishing and I would truly appreciate you leaving a… Read More

How To Drive Like an Idiot in Bacolod

How to Drive Like an Idiot in Bacolod How to Drive Like an Idiot in Bacolod is the title of my new eBook shortly to be published. I acknowledge that the use of the word ‘idiot’ was inspired by a  Bacolod Facebook Group called I Park Like An Idiot. It is based on the series of articles that I posted here on my blog last year. There are additional chapters including one dealing with issues like corruption at the LTO and how it adversely impacts upon our safety on the highways, byways and streets of the Philippines. Of course, the use of the word ‘idiot’ in the title is tongue-in-cheek! There are plenty of drivers in the idiot category without anyone telling them how to become an… Read More

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