Dear Lord Don’t Let Me Die Today

In case you are wondering about the title it is a sincere prayer to the Lord. I have what is known as faith and I believe in God and his Son Jesus Christ. I try to abide by Christian values and often fail to do so. I still try though. I believe in the loving nature of Jesus and his teachings – not for me all that fundamental Old Testament stuff. Fundamentalism is the root of so many evils in our world today. I have faith for many reasons. I can sense a spiritual well being in my soul when I reflect inwardly. I feel an inner peace. I was also inspired to faith by people I have known and still know. My grandmother was one such special source of inspiration. A person who I used to be very close to was another source of my faith. Probably above all was my experience in Lourdes, France some years ago when I received the Sacrament of the Sick. This sacrament is not solely for the afflicted but is also available to those, like me at the time, that are troubled with worries connected with caring for a sick person.

• • •