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When My Inner Anglophile Took Over My Life

Guest Post from a self-confessed Anglophile Self-Proclaimed Anglophile I recall many conversations {with one of my high school best friends} about the idea of living in England “for a few years”, just to say we did. Anyone heavily into the music of British bands, anyone who had a fascination with The Royal Family or other aspects of British culture was a self-proclaimed Anglophile. America’s love of all things British has spanned decades, thanks to Julie Andrews, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Petula Clark, Elton John, Monty Python, Dr. Who, The Police, etc. By the mid-80’s, I had visions of getting a “flat” in London and immersing myself in the culture. Little did I know that, a decade later, I would have the chance to do… Read More

4th Power Rocks!

4th Power is an all girl all-sister group of highly talented singers from the Philippines. ¬†They appeared on the UK version of X Factor and they seem to have taken Britain by storm! Not only are they talented singers but can also dance. Why am I blogging about this as it’s out of my usual topics? They touched my heart as I could see they were just four young Filipinas who dream of making it big one day. They obviously ooze talent but seem remarkably normal and grounded. The audience reaction to them was huge. Simon Cowell could only say “Wow!” after their performance but went on to say that it was the best first audition in the history of the show. High praise indeed… Read More

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