Gallivant: Word Wednesday

“You need to stop your gallivanting and do some homework,” is something I heard a good few times from my mother when I was a teenager.  “Gallivant” is a word taken for granted. Even if it is in your vocabulary, did you know anything about its origins? I didn’t and I find that information fascinating and ironic.

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Disambiguate: WordWednesdayFun

Disambiguate is a word that sounds intriguing. #WordWednesdayFun is partly to do with my love of words, part to do with my love of ‘word sounds,’ partly related to increasing ‘word power,’ and hopefully helping the odd person learn a new word to add to their vocabulary.

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Gawp: WordWednesdayFun

Gawp! What are you gawping at? Marvelously descriptive and emotional words. Words to be said with feeling. Gawp and gawping were often heard in the North of England. An illustration of their usage is when performing a task that goes awry – imagine for example trying to hitch up your trousers in a public place. Another example is if caught committing some social indiscretion such as picking one’s nose or scratching the backside. The likely spectator reaction would be an open-mouthed  stare. They would be gawping!

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