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What the Media are Saying

‘What the Media Say’ about me and my book Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story is a timely addition to this website in light of today’s developments. This memoir about my undercover cop days on one of the UKs largest drug busts has made it into two book categories as #1 Best Seller plus a further #1 in a Kindle category. (October 24, 2016)


5* Amazon Review – “Compelling insight to the life, mental make-up and identity confusion of someone deep undercover …” 

what the media say


The media in the UK has been kind to me and my book and here are some links to the interviews and articles:

BBC Radio Interview

Below is an interview aired on BBC Radio Solent –

BBC Online News

The BBC also carried this piece on its online news website:


At the age of 29, Stephen Bentley, a fresh-faced detective, turned himself into Steve Jackson, a dope-smoking, hard-drinking hippy. His time spent undercover with a gang making and distributing LSD helped bring down two criminal networks – but ultimately at huge personal cost to himself.

The drugs ring he infiltrated for two years in the mid 1970s had its origins in the counter-culture of the 1960s. It involved doctors, scientists and university graduates. …

Click here for the full article.

The Canary

This publication specialises in whistle-blowers and uncovering misfeasance in public life.


This is reproduced from the article:


London’s Daily Express


On the date of publication it was the most read article online in the ‘Books’ section:


#3 was a book about something called the Game of Thrones.

Here is an excerpt from the piece:

The Mafia-connected gangster lent down and asked him: “Are you cops?”

The Canadian gangster was in Britain to expand his cocaine network.

He had links to Bolivian drug cartels, using five couriers to transport 100 percent pure cocaine into the United States. Now he wanted to expand into Europe.

[ … ]


The full article can be found here.

Wales On Sunday



It added:

Steve Jackson and Eric Walker lived out of a battered old transit van on the outskirts of the small village of Llanddewi Brefi in west Wales.

Anyone who met them soon learned that they were searching for Eric’s brother, who had absconded from police custody after being arrested on a drugs charge and had fled England to hide away in the Welsh countryside.

Every morning the two unkempt characters would wash in a forest stream, cook a fry up on a portable stove and head into the nearby village to show around a photo and ask questions of the locals.

Click here to read more.

Amazon Reviews

Considering the book was published on September 14, 2016, some five weeks ago, I am delighted with the reviews so far. Most are 5* reviews.

The pick of them for me for personal reasons is this one below:


It is written by someone who knows the “inside” of undercover policing and is also a “crime author.” I feel both proud and humble reading the review.

All reviews are appreciated and it is difficult to single out one as I have. I only do so because the reviewer “gets” the book and understand the deep impact undercover work had on my whole being and the future that lay in front of me.

I thank you all for buying and reading my book. You are all special and an extra thank you to those who reviewed it.


  1. I’ve got this on my wish list and cannot wait to read it.

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