Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story

Undercover is the title of my most ambitious writing project to date. It tells of my true story as an undercover detective on Operation Julie. It is an honest no BS account of what it is really like to be an undercover cop.

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A 2011 BBC magazine article quotes one of my former colleagues , “‘We grew long hair, we wore jeans, we looked quite scruffy,’ he remembers. ‘To have worn a stiff collar and tie would have been impossible.'” The article continues – “Dai Rees, then a drugs squad inspector with Dyfed Powys police, was one of those who transformed themselves.”

It further adds –

“Listening devices were installed in the ringleaders’ home and dozens of undercover officers were sent into west Wales posing as hippies to place them under surveillance during a 13-month operation.”

Even after all these years it still makes me cross that former colleagues of mine try to make out they were undercover. Dai Rees was an able man, a good detective but he was NOT an undercover detective on Operation Julie.

There were only four undercover officers on the Operation Julie Squad – me, my undercover sidekick Eric, Martyn Pritchard and Andy Beaumont. That was four out of twenty-five police men and women on the investigation.

Dai Rees and the rest were on surveillance teams. They posed as holidaymakers, surveyors and a few other things during the surveillance. But that is NOT undercover work!

Only when you adopt a new identity, a whole new persona, like I did are you a true undercover cop. The end result is that you are not you but someone else. You are living the ultimate lie – a dangerous lie.

One of those ‘lies’ was that in my undercover role I used drugs including cannabis and cocaine. It was part of the ‘lie’ because in my old identity I would never have used them. In my undercover role, it would have been unnatural not to use them.

Dai Rees and the others in surveillance teams were not put in that position. Dai Rees was at all times Dai Rees. His driving license and police warrant card confirmed that fact. He carried those at all times during the investigation.

I had a false name, false driving license, false criminal record and I never carried my police warrant card. That is really only a minor difference. The real difference is in trying to come to terms with the psychological impact of deep undercover work. That is no easy task but I ask you to read the book to find out more.

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