#1 Web Host Amazing Siteground (Reasons to Choose Them)

I 100% recommend SiteGround as a web hosting company. And, not only because I have an affiliate link with them. My disclosure is on my About page and that last link will take you there.

In fact, I have an affiliate link because they are such fantastic company.

I love it when a business lives up to its promises. SiteGround certainly do that!
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SiteGround rocks! Here is what I wrote about them earlier today in my blog post. All SiteGround posts are gathered in one category in the drop down menu on the sidebar.

This is a transcript of the pre-sales live chat I had with them –

Your Chat Transcript on 22/03/2016
Stanislav G.: Hey there, Stephen and welcome
Stanislav G.: Nice to have you over
Stanislav G.: Hope you are doing fine today
Stephen Bentley: I’m fine thanks
Stanislav G.: Moving your websites over sounds great and I will be glad to help you out with this. We do offer one free website/cPanel migration with all our packages and if your 2 websites are under one cPanel, we will move them as part of the promo and absolutely free of charge
Stanislav G.: If that is the case, our migration guys will be glad to handle the whole move and save you the time and efforts
Stephen Bentley: Yes they are both on the same CPanel
Stanislav G.: Brilliant!
Stanislav G.: Than we will take care of everything for you
Stanislav G.: and the process itself takes just a couple of hours, depending on the websites size and the connection between the servers
Stanislav G.: 24 hours is the most it can take, although it takes much less in most of the cases
Stephen Bentley: OK I think you have answered my question. I will order Thursday when I have nore funds in my bank 🙂
Stanislav G.: That sounds good and what I was about to ask – when is the move scheduled for 🙂
Stephen Bentley: I beat you to it 🙂
Stanislav G.: You did, I must admit 🙂
Stephen Bentley: Hahaha! Thanks for your help
Stanislav G.: That’s the least I could do for you, Stephen!
Stephen Bentley: OK Take care
Stanislav G.: Whenever you are ready to start, just get back or let me know, so I can walk you trough it and make sure it all goes smooth
Stanislav G.: 🙂
Stephen Bentley: OK, do you mean before I place my order?
Stanislav G.: Only if you need help, of course! I was about to offer you to walk you trough it, but since you mentioned you are not doing it now, we will have to postpone it
Stephen Bentley: No problems. I will do it Thursday and I think I can manage it by myself 🙂
Stanislav G.: I am sure you will! Still if anything pops up, don’t hesitate to get back, we are here 24/7 for you 🙂
Stanislav G.: May I have the domains you plan to move over just for personal records?
Stephen Bentley: expatinbacolod.com and stephenbentley.info
Stanislav G.: Awesome, thank you!
Stanislav G.: Okay, then wish you a great rest of your day and will be looking forward to working with you 🙂
Stanislav G.: Bye for now and take care
Stephen Bentley: OK, Bye.
System:Stephen Bentley has ended the chat
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I can report that the technical gurus from SiteGround moved my websites within the space of a few hours!

Signing up is easy. If you are not sure of anything then use the Live Chat facility. Here is a guide to the packages on offer:


I will use this page to keep you updated with SiteGround’s newsletters. They offer so many useful services, it makes it difficult to write about all of them here.

Here is the latest newsletter of March 2016 –

Let’s Encrypt Security Certificates Available
You can now obtain Let’s Encrypt security certificates for your SiteGround websites! Let’s Encrypt is a new, free and open certificate authority that we have integrated in the cPanel. By making your websites secure, you will also take advantage of the recently released HTTP/2 protocol that works only over encrypted connections and significantly improves website performance. Find here more about how to install and use Let’s Encrypt.
10 Years Without Getting Bored
Our VP of Strategic Partnerships Tina Kesova shares her SiteGround story. She started working with us 10 years ago when she was only 19. Since then she had different roles before she rose to her current position. Read Tina’s personal story on what motivates a young person to stay in a company for so long and how to keep the enthusiasm.
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Your Hero of the Month
You surely know him. He only joined in early 2015 but his outstanding customer care skills lead to award after award! Truly a man of many hats, Ervin is our Customer Care Representative of the Month. He is not only a hosting guru but also practices the martial art of Wing Chun and plays the guitar. Find more things to surprise you about Ervin.


No wonder Siteground is big on customer service. This is what they do every month –



Isn’t it time to join me with the #1 Web Host SiteGround?

As promised here is a regular update as of May 12, 2016.

Newsletter #53 / May, 2016 View This Newsletter Online
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Our 6 Hottest Speed Technologies
Do you know which technologies we have implemented to make your websites faster? For the past year we’ve been adding more and more new speed boosters, and it was high time we highlight them all in a single place Check out our new speed page and learn how to use our hottest speed technologies on your account.
More Value with SSL Certificates
Following the introduction of Let’s Encrypt certificates on our hosting platform, we are now making more changes to our SSL offerings. We will no longer offer Standard SSL and we will gradually upgrade all customers who have Standard SSL to the premium Wildcard SSL, while keeping the price unchanged. Furthermore, all new and existing Wildcard SSL users will benefit from the new price, which is more than half cheaper Read more about the changes on our blog.
Win the Latest Offscreen Magazine
This month we are honoured to partner with Offscreen – one of our favourite magazines that we’ve been subscribed for since its start in 2012. It’s paradoxically a print-only magazine for people who use the internet to be creative and build successful businesses. You can read what its founder Kai Brаch says about his favourite digital tools, online inspiration sources and much more. On top of that, if you share his insightful interview you can win the latest Offscreen Issue!
Our Top Customer Helper in April
Our top customer care agent in April is Kamen Gochev. Since he joined us in 2014 he has solved the astonishing number of nearly 25,000 customer requests and 99.67% of them are five-star! Check out his interview about what he likes to organize in the office, the prank he played on us on April Fools’ Day and more.
ImageMagick Vulnerability Fixed
ImageMagick, one of the most widely used services to process images, was found with a serious vulnerability that allows an attacker to execute code remotely on your site. As usual our security team reacted immediately with a solution to protect our customers. Read more about the fix on our blog.
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