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Taboo is a great sounding word. It sounds fun but of course that is not what is indicated by the meaning of the word.

Often I wonder if there are any taboos left in this day. It seems okay to discuss almost everything and any thing particularly in the media. But, that’s just the old school in me surfacing!

Okay, once more into the breach – first the Merriam-Webster definition followed by the Urban Dictionary definition [Warning – adult content].
adjective ta·boo \tə-ˈbü, ta-\
Popularity: Top 40% of words
Simple Definition
: not acceptable to talk about or do

Full Definition
: forbidden to profane use or contact because of what are held to be dangerous supernatural powers
a : banned on grounds of morality or taste
b : banned as constituting a risk <the area beyond is taboo, still alive with explosives — Robert Leckie>

Tongan tabu

First Known Use: 1777

Examples in a sentence –

  1. Sex is a taboo subject for many people.

  2. In this company, dating a coworker is considered taboo.

Now for the UB definition and I warn you again if you are prudish!


Something that is generally not talked about.
A topic that makes people unforfortable like death, cancer, AIDS, child prostitution, inner family rape…
Breaking a taboo: “Wow Mr. White, I have such a bad rash on my balls!”

breaking another “Did you ever wonder what it feels like to fuck your grandma when she is dead?”
by DaMulder May 04, 2004




  1. Adam Lawrence

    March 9, 2016 at 9:42 pm

    Well, prudishness comes in all shapes and sizes. As the M-B definition demonstrates, sex itself is taboo for lots of folks. Forgetting “f***ing your (dead) grandma”; plain ol’ “fucking” is enough to get a rise out of people.

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